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We are a global impact investment firm backed by Partners Group, one of the largest private markets investment managers in the world. PG Impact Investments was founded in 2015 with the vision that private investment, innovation and entrepreneurial talent can bring sustainable growth and provide solutions to the challenges facing our society. We serve an international clientele of professional investors who seek investment solutions that offer financial returns, while also helping to address pressing social or environmental challenges. Our origin dates back to 2006, when Partners Group established its employee-backed foundation PG Impact in the wake of the 2004 Asian Tsunami. Since then, Partners Group has conducted many impact investments through this foundation and, in 2015, decided to institutionalize its impact investing practice through the creation of PG Impact Investments.

While remaining independent from Partners Group, PG Impact Investments entities have full access to the global infrastructure, investment know-how and specialist resources of Partners Group. All profits from our business activities are transferred to our PG Impact Investments Foundation to support philanthropic activities.

Our mission
We mobilize capital and expertise towards meeting some of the world’s most pressing social and environmental challenges by delivering measurable impact with attractive and sustainable financial returns.

Our vision
We aspire to become a respected and admired leader in the field of impact investing and to shape our industry with thought leadership and through innovation.

We are convinced that social and environmental impact can go hand-in-hand with market-rate returns. We invest in social enterprises with both a sound business model and the ability to attract institutional capital as we believe these are best positioned to generate impact at the scale necessary to make a difference. We follow a global, integrated, relative-value investment approach, investing across all impact sectors and across the entire capital structure. Our main focus lies on investing in emerging markets as our goal is to create impact where the need for it is highest.

Relative value investing
We proactively source our investment opportunities globally through our own team, network of social entrepreneurs, industry experts, impact investment managers and the local teams of Partners Group’s 18 global offices. To benchmark our global investment opportunity set, we identify those areas with the greatest potential for financial and social/environmental returns in the prevailing market environment and define those sectors, regions and strategies likely to offer higher investment value and create more impact relative to other segments.
We believe that this top-down view on the most attractive impact investment opportunities globally, combined with our bottom-up ability to identify and develop the most promising investments within local markets, will yield the best result for our clients.

Investment strategies
Our investment approach includes two investment strategies: direct and integrated investments.
Direct investments: We invest in the growth of attractive social enterprises with a proven business model, high development potential and a measurable and scalable social and environmental impact. We are flexible in terms of investment size and invest through equity and debt structures. Value and impact creation is our priority and we work closely with management teams and corporate partners throughout the life of our investments to achieve this.
Integrated investments: We complement our direct investments with commitments to select impact investment managers. Through a flexible combination of these investment strategies, we can benefit from specialist sector and market know-how and build more diversified, global impact investment funds.

Portfolio & risk management
We apply Partners Group’s portfolio structuring, management and servicing best practices and its rigorous quantitative and qualitative risk management processes, which have contributed to an outstanding track record and high levels of client satisfaction at Partners Group. In order to manage country and currency risks, investment limits are defined for each country based on a risk assessment of the respective country.


While remaining independent from Partners Group, PG Impact Investments entities have full access to the global infrastructure, investment know-how and specialist resources of Partners Group, one of the world’s leading private markets investment managers.

Our investment teams are supported by Partners Group’s investment structuring, legal and tax specialists. PG Impact Investments has outsourced all administrative functions to Partners Group, including product & risk management, accounting, treasury, IT services, office infrastructure, human resources and finance, and is benefitting from the quality and efficiency of Partners Group’s global operations.


PG Impact Investments Foundation is the sole owner of PG Impact Investments’ advisory and investment management businesses. As such, the Foundation has full control over any change to the firm’s mission and its commitment to only raise funds with both financial and social/environmental benefits. All profits from the Foundation’s operating entities are transferred to the Foundation to support its philanthropic activities.

The Foundation’s mission is to support social initiatives and business ventures which aim to benefit underprivileged communities, but which would typically not meet the criteria to receive funding through institutional investors or investment funds.

The Foundation does not invite applications for grants. It sources its investment opportunities directly from the vast network of PG Impact Investments, its founders and Partners Group.


PG Impact Investments AG is a member of the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN). The GIIN is the leading nonprofit dedicated to increasing the scale and effectiveness of impact investing. Impact investments are made into companies, organizations, and funds with the intention to generate social and environmental impact alongside a financial return. Impact investments can be made in both emerging and developed markets, and target a range of returns from below market to market rate, depending upon the circumstances. Our membership signifies a commitment to deepening our engagement in the impact investing industry.


PG Impact Investments AG is a member of the Social Performance Task Force (SPTF), working to define and implement industry-wide social performance reporting standards for microfinance institutions.  We affirm our commitment to making best efforts to either implement the Universal Standards for Social Performance Management in our organization or to integrate them into our organization’s work, as well as to promote them in relationships with our partners.

PG Impact Investments AG is a member of the Bundesinitiative Impact Investing. The Bundesinitiative Impact Investing is a federal initiative with the mission to create the prerequisites by building up the impact investing ecosystem in Germany, so that additional capital can be used to meet social and ecological challenges. The initiative always keeps an eye on the specifics of the German social economy, as well as investments in and from Germany. This includes spreading the impact investing approach as well as strengthening and promoting cooperation between different actors. Our membership signifies a commitment to deepening our engagement in the impact investing industry in Germany.

If you have a passion for private markets, desire to have an impact on today’s global social problems and enjoy working in a dynamic and challenging environment, we are looking forward to hearing from you.

Urs Baumann

“We welcome investment professionals who are looking for a rewarding work environment, who possess entrepreneurial drive and who seek the opportunity to make a difference in society.”

Urs Baumann,  Co-Founder & CEO

Please apply through Partners Group’s career website.


In February 2017, PG Impact Investments launched its Fellowship program, offering experienced investment professionals with a demonstrated passion for social impact the chance to gain hands-on experience in a global impact investment firm. Fellowships are offered on a rolling basis and are typically 1 year long.

Fellows are fully integrated members of the investment team, leveraging their skills and past experience to add value to all aspects of the investment process from deal sourcing and screening to desktop and onsite due diligence and investment monitoring, as well as being tasked with additional ad hoc research and analysis projects.

PG Impact Investments currently has one Fellow in both our Zug headquarters and our New York office.

Please apply through Partners Group’s career website.